Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Rank - One Pay

When two people retire from the same position, it is assumed that the pension that they will draw shall be same, irrespective of when a person retired.

And this is true for most positions in India like the President, Judges, IAS officers and so on.

However, it is not true for the retired soldiers of the Indian Forces.

For the people retired from same rank, the Indian Govt. has many slabs of pension. In some cases, it is as much as 14 slabs. This is patently unfair.

This blog is an effort to get all the resources at one place. And create a civil movement to get the just demand of One Rank One Pension


  1. Giving lesser pension to older pensioners than later retirees is a mistreatment of seniors as future retirees are supposed to be juniors and younger ones. This is also contrary to the concept of the Govt of treating seniors with respect as they are mostly senior citizens. Those retiring tomorrow will face same discrimination against their future retirees. Prime Minister has done many justifyable actions. He can solve treat this ulcer for ever. Gurdip singh

  2. One rank one pension is a very justified demand of ex-servicemen. It should have been met right at the time when it was raised. Excuses like legal or financial difficulties are laughable. We know how with great alacrity and unity our Parliamentarians raise their own salaries and perks many fold. The government of the day must meet this honorable demand of our ex-soldiers without any further delay. Civilians will welcome it whole heartedly.